Common Thought

Our Mindset

In an ever changing world, we all need to find time to unwind. Once told to stay strong and power through, we have learnt that there is no harm in asking for a helping hand or some room to breathe. Or, just a small reminder to keep yourself levelled and balanced.

We are human, after all.

That’s where we come in. A daily companion to help you out behind the scenes. Unnoticed and discreet, allowing you to get on with being the best version of yourself. We focus on high-quality ingredients and are not in the business of over complicating your life. We’re simply here to give you the best that CBD has to offer, in the most natural and easy way possible.


Our hemp extract is grown using sustainable farming techniques and gentle harvesting to obtain a crop of the highest standards. This crop then passes through an innovative extraction method to obtain a broad-spectrum CBD formula that is tasteless and odourless.

Our broad-spectrum CBD formula contains a range of naturally occurring cannabinoids, including CBG, which helps deliver enhanced benefits. Our formula contains no THC or CBN, making it safe and non-psychoactive.

At Common we third-party test every batch of CBD for quality assurance.

Our Water

As water is the base for our products, we don’t settle for filtered tap water like most drinks. We use locally sourced spring water from the English countryside, filtered for thousands of years through the area’s unique mix of limestone and other minerals. Once extracted from the wells, the water is triple filtered before being mixed with our other ingredients and bottled.

Our Packaging

We care about our impact on our planet, so, at Common we use aluminium and recyclable materials. Our signature premium blue bottles protect our ingredients from harmful UV rays and helps maintain the integrity of the CBD. Our aluminium bottles are 100% recyclable and resealable, so our customers can keep reusing them.

Since the launch of our original Common Water Glass, our family is growing. For us, it’s important that we ebb and flow to fit around you and your daily needs. We understand that different parts of your day call for different variations of our waters. That’s why we’ll be launching a range of Common Waters - each one with different properties to help you feel your best, no matter the circumstance.

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